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Geargrip - CRT
Monitor Carrying Harness

CRT Harness $26.99
Optional Shoulder Strap $9.99

( Shoulder strap only recommended for monitors up to 70 lbs (32 kg)

Easily carry your monitor in one hand and without tripping over loose cords.

  • One size fits most monitors
    up to 21"
  • Securely attaches around the monitor but unbuckles and moves out of the way for use.
  • Manages monitor cables and keeps them securely out of your way until needed.
  • The same high quality construction as found on the GearGrip-Pro.
  • Color: Black

2" buckles make the harness easy to attach and VERY strong.

Design Note: The straps are folded under the buckle so the plastic buckle will not contact the monitor glass. Only the soft webbing material will make contact with the monitor.

Premium handle has a soft-grip and is flexible to conform to your hand.

CableGrip is used to manage all loose cables to keep them out of your way

D-Rings included for use with a shoulder strap. (Shoulder strap not included)


Webbing loops securely around the monitor from many directions.

The GearGrip-CRT will work on monitors with and without a pedestal foot.

The GearGrip-CRT is for use with monitors that have a tapered back (most monitors, see figure). This product is not for use with LCD displays.

Caution: This product may damage monitors that have a button "door" on the bottom front of the unit.

This product is not designed to protect
equipment from impact during transport.
Handle all equipment with care.

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