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Notebook Travel Harness

Notebook Travel Harness $34.99

Turn your Notebook Computer into a Mobile Movie Theater

Save hundreds of dollars by using the
notebook computer you already own.

Quickly Installs in most vehicles


Designed to attach to the headrest posts found in most vehicles, the Notebook Travel Harness turns a notebook computer into a mobile theater that can be viewed by passengers in the rear seats. This solution is more flexible than other in-car entertainment options because a keyboard and mouse can be attached to the computer and it can be used for video games or computer tasks such as school work.

Grip straps firmly hold the computer in place but can be pulled aside to gain access to drives or connectors.

Patent Pending

Viewing angle can be adjusted by tightening the support strap which holds the notebook screen to prevent it from moving during travel.

The harness installs quickly and can be quickly removed for storage or use in another vehicle. This product is made with the high quality materials and construction customers expect from GearGrip brand products.

Note: Designed for use with most notebook computers, the maximum computer width supported is 15 inches. That is the width of the computer and not the screen size.

Note: Due to the wide variation in DVD drive locations on a notebook computer, some computers may need to be removed from the harness to easily access the drive.

Note: Not recommended for vehicles that do not have headrests or that have seat covers that block access to the headrest posts.

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